Leadership Points

Definition of a good leader: Participates in all class activities; helps others; volunteers time and talents; sets a good example; has good attendance; extends learning beyond the classroom; shares experiences with others; works in groups cooperatively; knows the subject; develops new innovative ideas; knows how to problem solve; shows initiative by learning more on their own.

The Career and Technical Education program in the Stanwood-Camano School District promotes the development of the student in the classroom and beyond through expecting academic growth, positive character development, and the acquisition of actual skills that can be applied in the vocational field.  Each student will complete a variety of activities that teach leadership skills as a means of developing these essential qualities.


Leadership Requirements;

Students will be expected to complete 100 points worth of activities from the list below by the completion of the year (50 per Semester.) Students may only count an activity once, it must be completed during the current school year, and must be verifiable.  Students may choose any activities listed in this document that they deem appropriate.  

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