Engineering Design 2

Course Description:
A continuation of the development of the design skills started in Engineering Graphics and Design 1. The first semester will focus on design for manufacturing, while the emphasis of the second semester will be on career planning and the development of skills in an area of career interest selected by the student. Possible areas of study include engineering design, rendering, industrial design, CAD/CAM, manufacturing, and materials. Students will develop skills in the use of various CAD Design software packages including Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, and Solid Works.
Course Rationale:
Throughout the country Engineers are in high demand. Most everything we touch or see has had an engineer involved in its design. Further the ability to apply math, science, and design concepts to complex problems is becoming increasingly important. This course will help students explore careers in engineering and manufacturing while at the same time providing them with the basic skills needed for post secondary training. 
Ross Short,
Sep 3, 2015, 2:32 PM