Cabin Plan

posted Apr 25, 2016, 6:33 AM by Ross Short
Learning Target: I will be able to create a basic floor plan of a house for a customer to see in a timely fashion.

Your customer as a peice of property in a vaction community on the coast.  The poperty is on the water.  The codes for this commuity state that any strucutre (house or cabin) built on it must be less than 1000 sq ft.  Your task is to create a design of a cabin for this customer that includes a living area, kitchen, 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, and a laundry area and meets the guidelines above.  

You have until the end of the class period to complete your rough floor plan that must include: Walls, Doors, WIndows, Room Labels, Dimensions, and Fixtures.  

Please create a PDF of your floor plan and submit it to Google Classroom.