Architecture 1

Course Description:
This is a basic course for students interested in architecture or construction industries. The course content includes freehand drawing skills, residential home design, basic working drawings, and design presentation. Students will spend a majority of the time using AutoCAD, the most popular computer-aided design software in the world today. Mastering AutoCAD is a necessity for anyone considering interior design, architecture, or construction management as a career.
Course Rationale:
The Architecture and Construction industry is consistently one of the most prolific industries in the country. Every other industry is reliant on this to provide the facilities that make them viable. This course will provide students with the basic skills in the design aspect of the Architecture and Construction, so they can go on to post-secondary training in this area. Further, this course will teach students the math skills used in the architecture and construction industry. Using the design and development of a home as a vehicle, students will learn to apply these math skills to a real life situation.
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Ross Short,
Sep 3, 2015, 2:21 PM